This page will help you get more out of your Library resources for your assignments, projects, and dissertations in Law.

REMINDER: Download the University VPN system to access these resources while on or off campus.

Now that you are in university, your lecturers are expecting you to use academic/scholarly resources. This means that you will need to learn how to use the library resources effectively as relying on Google will not get you a decent grade. Work through the following steps to become acquainted with our resources:

Step 1 - Watch the Effective Reading video (shows you how to skim, scan, and read in depth. Useful techniques for research and weekly readings)

Step 2 - Watch the Advanced Search Techniques using the Library's Discovery Service video (this is a longer video but is KEY for successful research at the university level)

Step 3 - Watch all four of the Finding Resources in Lexis and Westlaw videos (you will have to utilise both legal databases in for your work)

Step 4 - Book an appointment with your librarians so you can ask questions, gain clarity on certain resources, and receive feedback.


Inlcudes HeinOnline, LexisNexis, vLex Justis, and Westlaw.

Commercial Awareness

Stay up to date with these resources!

Open Access Legal Resources

These resources will be helpful for you to stay relevant once you graduate and lose access to UoP resources.

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