Passwords for resources

You need your University of Portsmouth (UoP) institutional login username and password to access most of the Library’s electronic resources when off campus.

A few resources do not use shibboleth/institutional logins. The Library Catalogue and our other search tools will usually indicate when this is the case, there will be a note such as "Password required" or "Password required for off-campus access". Note the name of the service you are trying to access (eg Wiley, Ingenta) and go to the Passwords for Resources page (if you have not already logged in to this web site, you will need to do so using your University username and password). You will see a list of database services with information about accessing them.

You can also obtain these passwords from the Library Information Desk:
Tel: 02392 843228 or any Library enquiry desk.

Please remember we will need to be able to check you are a member of the University. Use your University e-mail account or include your student number in any e-mail you send. If phoning have your student/staff card to hand.

Occasionally a technical problem will result in temporary passwords being issued. If a resource you expect to have access to does not seem to be working first check our news and problems page to see the service is down for some reason. If you don't find an explanation, contact us as above naming the resource you are trying to use and give details of any error messages.