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Assignment Calculators

These assignment calculators will take your deadline and give you a suggested breakdown of tasks to help make research, planning, and writing more manageable.

Advanced Search Techniques using the Library's Discovery Service
Goes over how to use the Advanced Search feature in the Library's Discovery Service. It will discuss how to find keywords, Boolean operators, other search techniques, as well as accessing online resources.

Effective Reading
When and how you should skim, scan, and read in depth. Useful techniques for research and weekly readings.

Introduction to Legal Databases 
Describes what legal databases are available from the library, where to access the legal databases, and how to use them. The video will also discuss why it's important to become familiar with and utilise all of the legal databases.

Introduction to Librarians, Library Website, and Law Subject Pages 
Introduces the subject librarians, the key features of the library's website, as well as how to find the subject pages.

Reading Lists 
Covers everything related to your reading list, including how to access lists via Moodle and the library website and what to do if you're using the VPN or not using the VPN.

Referencing Tips & OSCOLA
This in depth video provides information on OSCOLA referencing. Topics include: referencing tips, recommended reading, OSCOLA tools, footnotes, bibliographies, pinpointing, and repeating citations.


Please see the OSCOLA Videos section of the Law Subject Page for additional videos.


Inlcudes HeinOnline, LexisNexis, vLex Justis, and Westlaw.

Commercial Awareness

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