Depositing research outputs in Pure

Pure and the Research Portal

Pure is the University of Portsmouth's institutional repository, which is used to manage the different types of research information produced by current members of academic staff and research students.  Pure is the back end system linked up to the University's Research Portal, which displays staff research profiles online, as part of the wider University website.  The Research Portal also enables Open Access to the full text of research publications deposited into Pure.

Depositing publications

Depositing your publications in Pure involves uploading a copy of the full text (typically of the post-print version of a research article) into the system.  For guidance on how to do this please see the guidance for Uploading Research Outputs to Pure.  Different types of publication are added to the Outputs category in Pure in different locations, so please also see Research Output Categories in Pure.

Once your publications are deposited into Pure, please save the Research Outputs entry for validation by the Library's Research Outputs Team.  Our standard validation timeframe is 5 working days for publication types in scope of Open Access for the REF, and 4 weeks for all other types of publication.  Faculty support for depositing publications into Pure is also available.

For CCI research staff: Please add your practice-based research outputs into the Non-textual form category in Pure.  Our guidance for Research Outputs Categories in Pure shows how the non-textual output types (among others) are mapped against the REF submission categories.  If you have queries about adding these outputs to Pure then please contact for advice.

Self-archiving and green Open Access

Depositing the full text of the post-print version of your publications into Pure is referred to as self-archiving, which in the academic publishing sector is generally synonymous with the Green OA route.  All of the medium-to-large publishers in the UK now have Green OA Policies that allow self-archiving in Pure and OA on the University's Research Portal.

However, different publishers stipulate different conditions as part of this.  For example, some publishers require an embargo period delaying OA for the post-print; others do not.  Some require a copyright statement or licence to accompany the post-print; others do not.  Occasionally, a few (usually international) publishers may not have a Green OA policy.

Whatever the circumstance, our role in the Library ensures that Green OA compliance with the publisher's self-archiving conditions are met in Pure upon validation, alongside the key compliance requirement for the REF (and other research funders).

Self-archiving online elsewhere

The OA landscape has impacted on digital publication and online redistribution of works in a number of ways. Pre-print platforms enable OA distribution of early versions of your work (i.e. both pre-prints and post-prints). Pre-prints are not an OA compliant article version for the REF or UKRI.

Academic social networking platforms (e.g. ResearchGate) can enable researchers to distribute their articles online. If you are using these platforms, to ensure compliance with terms and conditions of copyright, please check your publisher's policy on author rights for article sharing.

Please contact the Library's Research Outputs Team with any queries about depositing publications into Pure, and compliance with Open Access policies, at