Food & drink

Please help us to provide a welcoming and hygienic environment for all our clients. Clients who do not comply with the food policy may be asked to leave the Library.

  • You may bring in drinks and cold snacks.  
  • No alcohol is allowed on Library premises.
  • You may purchase hot and cold snacks and drinks from the Library Café and our 24-hour vending machines.  
  • No hot food may may be brought into the building from elsewhere for reasons of waste management.
  • Food may be eaten in any area of the building except Special Collection areas.
  • Please separate and recycle your rubbish using the bins provided.  Most Library bins are recycling bins, suitable for dry paper and packaging.  We cannot recycle paper that is wet or soiled.  Please pour away any left over drink into the blue bins or bin sections and dispose of any uneaten food and peel into the black sections of the three-section bins. 
  • Please keep drinks away from electronic sockets and equipment to prevent damage. You may be charged for deliberately or negligently causing damage to Library materials, furnishings or equipment.
  • Please leave your workspace clear and clean for the person who wishes to work there after you.