This page will help you get more out of your Library resources for your assignments, projects, and dissertations in Law.

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If this is your first time referencing with OSCOLA, go through these resources in order:

Step 1 - Read Section 1 General notes of the official OSCOLA guide (this will introduce you to the very basics)

Step 2 - Watch the Referencing Tips & OSCOLA video (this provides more visual instruction) 

Step 3 - Watch all five of the OSCOLA videos (these are the most common resources you will be working with)

Step 4 - Look at the referencing examples (these show you how your assignments should be formatted)

Step 5 - Set up an appointment with the Academic Skills Tutors (they will help you improve your legal writing)

Step 6 - Book an appointment with your law librarians (they will answer all of your referencing and research questions!)


Warning: do NOT use reference generators as these are NOT OSCOLA compliant and you will lose marks.


Inlcudes HeinOnline, LexisNexis, vLex Justis, and Westlaw.

Commercial Awareness

Stay up to date with these resources!

Open Access Legal Resources

These resources will be helpful for you to stay relevant once you graduate and lose access to UoP resources.

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