Noise & antisocial behaviour

The Library is a place for study and research. It is important for all library users to maintain a quiet study atmosphere.

  • Areas 2A & 2C on the second (top) floor are Individual Silent Study zones.  You can recognise these Individual Silent Study zones by the prominent purple banners displayed near the entrances to these areas.  
  • In Individual Silent Study zones, talking is not permitted, all devices must be switched to silent mode, headphones worn to listen to audio/video recordings, and the volume control adjusted such that no escaping noise can be heard by anyone else.
  • In all other areas, quiet discussion is allowed however please maintain social distancing and think of others trying to study near you, keep your voices low and please turn down the volume on your mobile devices and headphones so that your noise does not disturb anyone studying nearby.
  • If someone is disturbing you, please discreetly text security and someone will come around and speak to them.

Silent study zones


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