Proper use of collections and facilities

  • The library collection is a shared resource for everyone.  Please handle handle Library materials with care to keep them in good condition. 
  • Books and other Library materials must not be written in, mutilated or defaced. This includes underlining and annotating in pencil.
  • If you damage Library property or through evident negligence allow Library property to come to harm, you will be expected to pay the full replacement cost.
  • Computers are provided to support research, study and learning. Please use them responsibly, and not to play games or view obscene materials.
  • Copyright law must be strictly observed by everyone when making copies of library materials, including scanning and photocopying.  Please ask for guidance on how much you may lawfully copy under our educational copyright licences.
  • All materials must be issued to you before you attempt to take out of the Library.  Attempting to take Library stock beyond the turnstiles without it first being issued comprises a disciplinary offence and might even be considered theft.