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If you are taking modules from the Business School or the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, you will need to use APA 7 and NOT OSCOLA. Please confirm with your tutor which citation style you need to follow BEFORE you start writing. APA 7 and OSCOLA are two, very different referencing styles and it is very easy to become confused with both. Please contact Mystery or Sharon early on to get help before you start researching/writing.

Referencing Tips (video)
This video will cover referencing tips for students at any level. It will also show students where to go to find more help with referencing.

Academic Writer Tutorial: Basics of Seventh Edition APA Style (interactive webpage)
By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to understand and implement the following basic elements of APA Style: paper elements, format, and organization academic writing style grammar and usage bias-free language guidelines mechanics of style tables and figures in-text citations, paraphrasing, and quotations reference list format and order.

(pdf file 1.22 mb)

The annotations draw attention to relevant content and formatting. All references to specific sections of the APA 7 guide can be found for free on Ref@P.


Inlcudes HeinOnline, LexisNexis, vLex Justis, and Westlaw.

Commercial Awareness

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Open Access Legal Resources

These resources will be helpful for you to stay relevant once you graduate and lose access to UoP resources.

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