Filming and photography in the Library

We are able to offer the Library as a space for filming and photography projects for students.  

To arrange your booking

Please contact us at, preferably with two weeks notice, and provide us with the following details:

  • Preferred date and time. This is to make sure that there are no clashes with other events (including other film projects) taking place in the Library. 
  • What is the purpose of the filming/photography (e.g. project work etc.)?
  • How large is the crew? Are you all students or have you invited additional actors/guests to join you? 
    Please remember that non-students will need to sign in as visitors, so they will need to have some photo ID with them to obtain a Day Pass. 
  • Where do you intend to film or photograph (e.g. group study room, Atrium etc.)?  Is this likely to disturb other people working in the Library and therefore need to be done at our quieter times of day?
  • Have you considered any risks to those involved in the event and those using the Library space around the event, and what have you done to mitigate these risks?
  • Are you intending to film or photograph each other, your actors/guests or anyone working/studying in the Library? 
    If there are students/Library staff included in shot (either deliberately or accidentally), then consent must be sought before filming commences, and may be refused. 

On the day of your booking

Please ensure that:

  • You check in with staff on the Reception Desk to confirm that you have arrived for your booking.
  • Other Library users are not prevented from entering and leaving the space whilst you film/photograph.
  • You have appropriate consent from those appearing (either deliberately or accidentally) in shot.
  • You manage the session safely and can discuss your risk assessment with Library staff on request, if there are concerns raised on the day about your booking .

The Library is also regularly used as a space for filming and photography by Marketing & Communications.