Support workers

We are aware your personal support arrangements may vary. If you are employing them through an outside agency they should have an ID card or a red visitor’s card with them to enter the library. If they do not have this, or you have other support arrangements, they will need to provide photo ID in order to obtain a day pass. To make things simpler if you have a regular support worker we recommend that they apply for and become an External member of the library. This allows them independent access to the library without you being present. This means that they will be able to access the scanners and copier, and can return books on your behalf via the self-service terminals.

If you wish them to borrow or collect on your behalf, they will need:-

  • written confirmation naming them as the person who will be collecting a reservation on your behalf,
  • your student/staff card
  • a form of identification such as an External Readers Reference card or their own student/staff card or driving licence

If this is to be a regular occurrence or longstanding arrangement you can ask for a note to be added to your library record which will mean you will not have to provide written confirmation every time.

There are bookable Group study rooms if you wish to meet with your support worker / note taker to study in private. Bookings can be made online but are subject to limited availability. There are different zones across the library for silent and group study. Three of the accessible workstations are on the ground floor in the group study zone and one is on the first floor.