Power and data services

Power sockets available throught the Library mean you can plug in your own or borrowed laptop or other mobile devices. Ethernet data ports are also available connecting you to the University network.

Anyone using the Library may use the power sockets but only University members will be able to use the data connections. Visitors from other institutions will need to connect wirelessly to the Campus WiFi network (Eduroam).

Socket locations

On the ground floor, power sockets are built in underneath almost every table and desk, except for the smallest coffee tables.  They are also available built into the pillars beside much of the soft seating.

On the upper floors, power sockets are available along the walls and underneath the study tables.  Data ports are not available on the upper floors but you can connect to the fast and reliable Campus WiFi network (Eduroam).

Note: if you wish to use our power and data sockets you will need to bring your own power or ethernet cables.


Under desk power and data socket


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