Copyright guidelines

Copyright covers making copies of other people's work, including copying and pasting from web pages, photocopying and scanning for any purpose.

Everything that is published is protected for many years by copyright. This means you cannot ordinarily copy other people's work without their permission. If you infringe copyright then you may be at risk of disciplinary or legal action.

The good news is that there's lots you can do perfectly legally. UK copyright law allows you to copy up to a certain amount of any book or journal, either by photocopying or scanning. Images are also protected by copyright: ask a librarian about finding copyright free images online and about the databases of images we offer that you can use for free.

If you have a copyright query and cannot find the answer in these Copyright Guidelines, please ask a member of Library staff. If your copyright question is complex, please ask the Map Librarian, David Sherren (

Who does it apply to?

All students, staff and all others working for or on behalf of the University are required to follow and observe the University's Copyright Policy and the associated Guidelines.