Open Day self-guided tour

Welcome to the University Library self-guided tour!  This self-guided tour comprises eight signposted tour stops that you can follow if you visit the Library on an open day.  You can scan the QR code at each tour stop or tap on the tour stop section below to reveal text and audio commentary about what you can see at that tour stop.  

If you are visiting the Library other than on an open day, we recommend our standalone audio tour instead.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any member of Library staff.  If you would prefer a guided tour, please go through the gate between the turnstiles and ask any member of Library staff in the Atrium if guided tours are currently available.

The Library also houses the largest open access computing suite on campus, complete with scanners, printers and poster printing facilities.  Like every open access area on campus, the Library an IT Help Desk.  You can also get IT support 24/7 by calling the IS Service Desk.

There are books on every floor of the Library arranged in subject order.  The classmark sequence starts in the far right corner and increases as you move across the floor and up through the building, bringing together books on each subject in turn, from computing and human sciences on the ground floor up to literature and geography on the top floor, with everything else in between.  Please ask any member of staff if you are looking for a particular subject area.

Using the mobile version of the Library website on your phone, you can find books and see an annotated floor plan showing where you can find the particular book you are looking for, making finding everything you need much easier, even outside staffed hours.

>>> Please head past the large, white IT Help Desk and up the central concrete stairwell to the first floor for tour stop 7.  If you have any difficulty climbing stairs, please feel free to use the nearby lift.