Open Day self-guided tour

Welcome to the University Library self-guided tour!  This self-guided tour comprises eight signposted tour stops that you can follow if you visit the Library on an open day.  You can scan the QR code at each tour stop or tap on the tour stop section below to reveal text and audio commentary about what you can see at that tour stop.  

If you are visiting the Library other than on an open day, we recommend our standalone audio tour instead.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any member of Library staff.  If you would prefer a guided tour, please go through the gate between the turnstiles and ask any member of Library staff in the Atrium if guided tours are currently available.

In addition to the café, there are vending machines available 24/7 and water bottle refill stations near the café and up on the second floor.

To your right, the Near and Far World Books collection is a growing collection of bilingual, translated and foreign language children’s books. It incorporates the prestigious Outside In World Children's Books in Translation collection of children's books translated into English.  We actively encourage the collections to support research and teaching at the University of Portsmouth and in the wider academic world, and for community outreach work.  These books are included in the Library Catalogue and most are available for loan.

Teaching rooms and open access computer rooms around the far side of the building are available for study when they are not being used for teaching.  Postgraduates have access to an exclusive suite of study rooms.

You may have already noticed the diversity of study spaces available in the Library, from conventional islands of desktop computers to diner booths and curved seating areas more suited to group work and the sofas of the Book Nook near the Library Café.  Keep an eye out for the executive swivel chairs and other types of seating elsewhere in the building!

>>> Please head back to the atrium and through the green framed glass double doors into the next part of the building for tour stop 6.