Open Day self-guided tour

Welcome to the University Library self-guided tour!  This self-guided tour comprises eight signposted tour stops that you can follow if you visit the Library on an open day.  You can scan the QR code at each tour stop or tap on the tour stop section below to reveal text and audio commentary about what you can see at that tour stop.  

If you are visiting the Library other than on an open day, we recommend our standalone audio tour instead.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any member of Library staff.  If you would prefer a guided tour, please go through the gate between the turnstiles and ask any member of Library staff in the Atrium if guided tours are currently available.

The Library is open 24/7 during term-time and the Easter holidays and opens for long hours over the summer.  You can borrow and return any of our 390,000 books at any time using the self-service kiosks.  Books you reserve or request through our click and collect service are shelved at the collection point in front of you, saving you the time of finding books on the shelves.  Most of our collections are now online, with nearly million ebooks and 100,000 academic journals available to you wherever you are studying over the internet.  These are brought together through your subject pages on the Library website and the Discovery Service, which makes it easy to search across many of our electronic resources from a single search box.  All this is supported by our library skills drop-in service and 24/7 online chat and telephone and IT support to ensure you always have access to the help you might need.  

The glass cupboards at the side of the Atrium contain artists' books, boxed sets and other books with pop-up sections, removable parts, interestingly and irregularly shaped covers, or that are otherwise not suitable for shelving with our main collection. Students are welcome to borrow any of these books. 

Drop-in study pods offer isolated study with fully adjustable lighting, while the larger sound baffling drop-in meeting pods offer informal meeting spaces that contain the noise of people talking while excluding noise from outside. There is an Individual Silent Study Zone on the second floor, the entrances to which are marked with purple banners. The drop-in individual study pods on the ground floor, sound baffling drop-in meeting pods and group study rooms are also spaces where you will typically experience less noise. Reusable earplugs are available on request from the Reception Desk.

A lift offers easy access to the upper floors for anyone to use. There is also a second lift available to anyone with reduced mobility.

>>> Please make your way to the far end of the Atrium for tour stop 3.