Advertising in the Library

A community notice board and leaflet display area near the Library Café and Book Nook are available for the display of advertisements and promotional literature.  This is available to students, staff and third parties.  It is managed by Library staff.  Demand for space dictates the turnover rate of materials.  Posters are typically displayed for around two weeks, leaflets for considerably longer.  All materials taken down are recycled. 

The Library reserves the right to refuse to display material it deems defamatory, inflammatory, indecent or otherwise offensive.  Otherwise, we try to accommodate everyone's advertising needs.  Please feel free to pin notices carefully to the community noticeboard using the drawing pins provided. 

Please ask at the Library Reception or Help Desk if you wish to display any materials anywhere else in the Library.  Any posters and other materials found elsewhere that have not been authorised will be taken down.  


Please understand that we:

  • Cannot guarantee to display anything in advance.
  • Reserve the right to take down materials at any time without notice.
  • Cannot return displayed advertising posters, unless agreed beforehand.
  • Can only display material advertising services, facilities and opportunities of interest to our students.
  • Only allow posters with tear-off strips on the Community Noticeboard. For adverts to be displayed elsewhere, we recommend using memorable shortened URLs or smartphone-readable codes, such as QR codes.

Materials to be displayed should:

  • Be truthful, accurate, decent, lawful and current.
  • Be flat or rolled, not creased or folded.
  • Not comprise advertisements for goods, chattels or property for rental or purchase.
Community noticeboard location

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