Assistive technology - hardware

In addition to the networked accessibility software and large 24" computer screens supplied as standard for all desktop computers, the University Library has a variety of equipment and systems in place to support those with disabilities. ASDAC usually provide introductions to these assistive technologies, but Library staff may also also be able to help you with the basics.

Accessible IT workstationAccessible workstations

There are three accessible workstations for disabled library users on the ground floor. 

These accessible workstations can be reserved by students who have accessibility needs. Please email the library to make a reservation. Please specify the date/time and duration you would like to book. Please note: Bookings can only be made between 08:00 and 18:00 Mon-Fri and 11:00 and 15:00 Sat-Sun. 

If a computer does not have a reservation sign, students are free to use the space. Please note, students who do not have a reservation may be asked to move to another computer if a reservation has been placed.

The assistive software available on these PCs is networked and available on all university computers. Small peripherals (such as the ergonomic mouse, trackerball mouse, joystick mouse, and large keyboard) can be moved to other computers for your convenience - just ask a member of staff. The only difference between the standard and accessible workstations on the ground floor are the ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks, and extra surrounding space to accommodate wheelchairs. Therefore these workstations are primarily for those with physical disabilities who require these adaptations.

These PCs are available whenever the Library is open, though the peripherals can only be obtained while staff are available.

Coloured overlay reading rulers

Approximately 10% of the UK population suffers from visual stress, which makes reading text for long periods very difficult and uncomfortable.

Sufferers complain of letters appearing to jump around, bunch together, or fade and of losing their place when reading. Reading fluency is disrupted making the entire process slow, tiring and difficult. Some individuals suffer from migraines or itchy eyes when reading. Using tinted or coloured reading rulers can improve reading speed, accuracy and fluency by adjusting the colour of the page to one that suits your eyesight. They are available from the Loans Help Desk whenever the building is staffed by Librarians. 

Mobile height adjustable desk

The mobile height adjustable desk can be used all over the library building. If you need help finding or moving it, please ask a member of staff who will be happy to assist. It can also be used as a standing workstation.

The desk can be used at any time. It is usually found behind the Loans Help Desk in the Atrium. Please ask staff for this equipment.

Book support table

The Book Support Table is a multi-functional table and book stand.  It can be used to raise books to a comfortable reading height and/or hold books open at the page you're reading, freeing up your hands for other tasks. It may be particularly useful to those with upper body impairments, including broken arms. If you get back pain from hunching over books you may also find this helpful, as it can hold books up at your eye level for more comfortable study sessions.

The book support is available during staffed hours. Ask for it at the Library Help Desk in the atrium.

Trackerball mouse

The trackerball mouse is useful for those who have difficulty manoeuvring a standard mouse, or who suffer from wrist pain. It is beneficial for carpel tunnel sufferers in particular. It removes the need for so much 'wrist use', instead allowing the more flexible thumb to do the work.

Please ask staff at the Library Help Desk in the atrium if you wish to borrow the trackerball mouse. It can be plugged into any library PC or laptop.

Portable induction loops

Portable induction loops are available at enquiry points and in teaching rooms