Renewing Your Loans

Automatic renewals

We will automatically renew your loans one week before they are due. Loans will not be renewed if:

  • there are active reservations
  • your library account is due to expire
  • your loan has already been renewed 99 times - in this case, if you still want to keep the book, you will need to bring it into the Library, return and re-issue it

If any of your loans have been recalled because they have been reserved, they will not be renewed and you will receive an email notification from the Library to let you know this. You also won't be able to renew the item manually.

Note: if there are multiple copies of the reserved item, only the borrower of the copy due back soonest will receive a notification, however no-one who has borrowed a copy of the item will be able to renew their loan until the reservation request has been satisfied.

You will receive an emailed reminder of any books that we have not been able to renew two days before they are due to be returned.  It's still worth checking My Account though as the issue that originally prevented an automatic renewal may have been resolved.

If you have any queries about renewing your loans, please contact us

Other ways to renew items

  • you can renew books online using 'My Account' in the Library Catalogue

    Enter your library number, click Login and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • renew books by contacting the User Services team by telephone. You can do this even if the items are already overdue

    Tel: (023) 9284 3228 (view Library Help Desk opening hours)

Please remember:

  • items reserved by another borrower may not be renewed
  • items may not be renewed if your library account is due to expire

If you have any queries about renewing your loans, please contact us