Paying Library replacement charges

How to Pay Your Library Charge

It is not possible to pay library charges in person - they must be paid via the Online Store.

Pay Replacement Charges via the Online Store

You can pay by credit/debit card via the University's Online Store. The minimum payment is 0.01.

Go to the Online Store

You will need to set up an account for the Online Store the first time you use it:

Once you have registered as a New Customer, you can then login with your email address and password

We aim to process your payment the next working day (Monday – Friday)

Pay item replacement charges
(for current members)
students   staff members & external users
Pay invoices sent by the University Finance Office for library items
(for both current and former members)
students   staff members & external users

Can I pay Library charges on someone else's behalf?

Yes. You will need to set up an account on Online Store and you will need to know the student's ID number and library account number.  

Do you accept replacement copies for lost books?

Yes. We are happy to accept a replacement copy, but it must be new or a second hand copy in very good or excellent condition. It should be either an exact copy replacement, or the most recent edition.