Problems accessing online resources

If you are have trouble accessing a particular online resource, the first thing to do is ensure your University login credentials are correct. If they are not, you will need to get that problem fixed before going any further.

Are you entitled?

You can access to thousands of e-books and e-journals via the University Library with your login, but just because you see a link for Shibboleth or Institutional Access on a website, this does not mean that you are entitled to access the content. The Shibboleth login is an International system for all universities and this University may not have bought a subscription to that resource.

In addition, for many websites our access is only partial, because the University does not subscribe to everything on the site or does not subscribe to all years of a journal.


Your best guide to your entitlement is an entry in the Library catalogue. Even if you are not entitled to access, the Library may have bought a printed version. If there is no printed version, the Library may be able to borrow a print copy through the Interlibrary Loans service. If you are a Distance Learner, then the Distance Learners Service may be able to provide you with a photocopy of a single chapter.


The best guide to your entitlement is the E-Journals A-Z list and search available using the search box at the top right of this page. Check carefully the years to which we have access. There is often more than one access route and year entitlements vary. If you are not entitled to view an e-article, check the Library Catalogue for the existence of a printed version. If the University Library has no access to the article you need, it may still be possible to obtain you a copy through the Interlibrary Loans service. In many cases this can be an e-version.

Are you using the correct login page for the resource?

Login pages can change. You are advised to go to our resources via the Library web pages or the Catalogue to check the correct and most up-to-date login page for the University.

Is the resource restricted to use on the University Campus?

Most e-resources are available to you off-campus with your login. However some resources are only available from anywhere else with a password. Check the website or the Catalogue to see whether this applies to the resource you want and apply for a password if necessary. A very few resources are only available for searches on campus. You can still view these resources and the password-authenticated resources elsewhere however, if you set up the VPN.

Is there a problem at the resource website?

All websites need maintenance from time to time, although this is usually scheduled for weekends and nighttimes. In the case of major services such as Science Direct, the Library website will advertise downtimes notified to us on the News & Problems page. This page will also tell you if there are any disruptions to our network service.