News archive for 2010

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Fresher’s Fair 2010: It pays to know your zone!

Congratulations to Edward Mula and Sunny Pandya who are our two prize winners of this year’s Fresher’s fair activity.

The theme of the library’s Fresher’s Fair stall 2010 was the promotion of the various study zones available for our student’s within the library.

Sweets were offered to encourage participation in the activity and there were two £50 book tokens donated by Blackwell’s Bookshop to be won.

The participants had to guess the location of a specific book by placing a numbered pin into a map of the library which indicated subject areas within the three study zones.

Nearly 500 students took part with 16 winners in total. The winner’s names were put into a hat and the University Librarian pulled out the final two prize winners.

Education Image Gallery Resource.

The content of Education Image Gallery is changing on 1st October. The Getty Images content will be replaced with images from eight collections from the Digital Images for Education Project - If you have images stored in 'My Albums' these will disappear on 30th September. Returning users on or after 1st October will have no items stored in My Albums and will need to add images from the new content to create new albums. We recommend that users capture the details of their current albums should they wish to refer to those collections of images in future. Please contact with any further questions on this switch or any other issue relating to the changes.

Upgrade to Library turnstiles

The Library turnstiles have been upgraded so they now require you to scan your campus card on entry and exit. This will enable the Library to gain valuable statistics on library usage. 

Please ensure that you carry your campus card with you at all times to enable you to access and leave the secure Library space.

You will also need your Campus Card to access the IT Suite when it re-opens

New Wiley platform: interrupted access to Wiley journals

During the weekend of 7 and 8 August, publishers Wiley will launch their new e-resources platform. The old platform, Wiley InterScience, will no longer be available from Saturday 7 August at 9am . There will then be no access to Wiley journals until Wiley Online Library goes live, which is scheduled for 5pm on the following day, Sunday 8 August

Closure of Open Access IT Suite

The IT suite housed in the Library building has been closed for major refurbishment. A complete re-design has been planned by IS, who manage the facility, in order to modernise the area with flexible and varied seating and up-to-date technology such as touch screens and a quick-access PC bar.
The summer vacation is the only time when such a job can be undertaken and the Library joins IS in asking for your patience in waiting for your new IT space, which is planned to re-open on Monday 16th September 2010.

Trial Access to Springer eBook Collections

18th March 2010

For the next 3 months, we have trial access to the Springer eBook Collections.

The trial includes access to over 16,000 English Language eBook titles

"Springer is the world's largest publisher of scientific books, publishing over 3,000 a year in English (over 5,500 across all languages). Since 2005 we have digitized almost all of our book content creating the world's most comprehensive online scientific eBook collection, with over 30,000 titles now included across all languages. Springer digitize all our books irrespective of type, including textbooks, reference works, handbooks, book series and monographs."

The Springer eBook Subject Collections

Ebrary Interface available in Arabic

11th March 2010

Ebrary’s (Electronic Books) interface is now available in Arabic as well as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Swedish. The company will be launching its interface in additional languages in the upcoming months