Library service standards

The University of Portsmouth Library is committed to delivering Customer Service Excellence in all areas of our work. These Library Service Standards are monitored and reported on a monthly basis. The Standards work alongside our Customer Charter to show our customers what they can expect from our services.

We welcome your feedback on these Standards and all aspects of our service.

We will ensure that our Customer Service is consistently outstanding.

Quality assurance:

We will achieve the Customer Service Excellence award. 

Customer satisfaction:

UoP Student Customers will be satisfied with their experience of using the University Library and this will be reflected in their response to NSS Q20. We will maintain or improve these satisfaction levels annually. 

Customer engagement:

Our staff will actively engage in conversations with our customers to monitor customer satisfaction and provide a variety of channels for feedback. 

  • Conduct 6 pop-ups a year
  • Bi-monthly liaison with UPSU

Customer communication:

We will offer a range of contact options for our customers and ensure timely responses to all customer communication. 

  • During office hours we will aim to answer all phone and chat enquiries at point of contact. Any missed calls or chats will be followed up on the same working day
  • Letters will be answered within 2 working days 
  • Emails received by will be responded to in 1 working day
  • Responses provided to our customers via our out of hours enquiries service will be reviewed by our Enquiry Team each working day
  • General enquiries received via Hornbill will be responded to in 1 working day

UoP Customers will be satisfied with their experience of using the University Library Chat Service. Where customers choose to rate our service we will aim for ratings of 3 or above. Any ratings of 2 or less will be followed up to seek customer feedback. 

We will offer a range of ways for our customers to provide feedback, complaints and suggestions for improvement of our services. We will act upon this feedback by incorporating it into our action planning activities. 100% of actions taken in response to feedback will be made visible to our customers on our website and social media  channels.