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A top-ranking, peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of sociology, including theory.

Search and browse, or sign up to the daily newsletter, for an independent source of news analysis and informed comment written by academic experts working with professional journalists to reach a wider audience. The Conversation aims to provide the expert insight needed to better understand current affairs and the complex issues we face.

This peer-reviewed journal provides an international forum for analysis and debate on social policy issues.

A peer-reviewed journal covering race, ethnicity and nationalism, including multiculturalism.

A peer-reviewed journal covering a wide range of food topics, including food security, food fashions, eating disorders and cultural norms of food practices.

A peer-reviewed journal including articles relating to gender and sex from a feminist perspective.

A peer-reviewed journal including articles on all aspects of social policy in an international context.

A highly regarded, international, peer-reviewed journal which focuses on young people within a range of contexts, such as education, the labour market and the family, and highlights key research themes such as the construction of identity, the use of leisure time, involvement in crime, consumption and political behaviour.

A popular, peer-reviewed journal which explores the evolving roles and perceptions of men across society.

A highly regarded, peer-reviewed journal covering all branches of sociology.

• Sociology 

A very popular, peer-reviewed journal which covers a broad range of sociology topics.

A leading, international, peer-reviewed journal which includes articles on the sociology of work.


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