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Annals of Physics presents original work in all areas of basic physics research. The journal publishes papers on particular topics spanning theory, methodology, and applications

Current Applied Physics is an international journal which covers all fields of applied science investigating the physics of advanced materials for future applications. Topics include experimental and theoretical aspects of advanced materials and devices dealing with synthesis or structural chemistry, physical and electronic properties, photonics, engineering application and measurement or analytical techniques. The journal covers physics, chemistry and materials science, including bio-materials, with their engineering aspects

An international journal spanning the whole spectrum of applied physics research. Areas covered include semiconductors and devices, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, photonics, magnetism, imaging and biophysics

Access 43 high quality academic journals in full-text covering the world of physics from applied physics, gravity, cosmology, medical physics, nanotechnology through to optical science, radiology, and scientific instrumentation

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The Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA) is the American Physical Society's online archive for Physical Review Letters, Reviews of Modern Physics, and Physical Review A-E. It contains all APS journal articles published from 1893-2005.

An open access journal publishing conference proceedings covering all topics in physics with the exception of high energy physics

Each issue of Physics Reports focuses on a single specialist topic. The report will include introductory material and an extended literature review. Important developments and trends are highlighted and full references are provided to the original literature. Examples of topics include atom lasers, rogue waves, magnetic resonance imaging and quantum turbulence.

A monthly magazine including features from the world's leading physicists and science writers, news and analysis, opinion pieces, careers advice and reviews of books and multimedia. Useful for current awareness. Available in print only.

• Science 

Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science containing research, news and commentary. Campus use only



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