This page will help you get more out of your Library resources for your assignments, projects and dissertations in Biology

Independent Research - getting started

How to identify different sources of information and links to useful books and ebooks.

The following pages have been designed to take you step-by-step through the process of creating a search strategy.

They can be read in the order given, or if one step of the process is of particular interest to you - for example - Applying search techniques - you can go straight to that section.

When you have broken your topic down into concepts, you can start thinking more carefully about the vocabulary that may be used for each of the concepts you have identified.

•        Alternative keywords will help you to broaden your search if you are not finding very much information on your topic.

•        Alternative keywords will help you to narrow your search and make it more subject specific if you are finding too much information.

The Alternative keywords video explains the process in more detail.


Independent Research - beyond the basics

How to develop and apply advanced search techniques using a range of specialist resources including databases. Links to online resources from organisations and professional bodies.


Guidance and support for referencing in APA7 and links to information on reference management software

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