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Provide access to useful research materials from abstracts, academic journals, newspapers, e-books, and various multimedia.


Remember to check the date for Full Text Access. Ideally it's best to go with YEAR - present

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This is an example of what information you need to include in your cover page and declaration page.

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Download this form and attach it to your dissertation.

If you have received a 2:1 and would like your dissertation added to the library database, please make sure the correct declaration has been made and have your supervisor email the entire PDF with the declaration page to

A database of digitised UK doctoral theses offering free online access to theses of participating Higher Education institutions.


Europe E-theses Portal.

fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

The University Library maintains a limited selection of undergraduate student dissertations, taught postgraduate student dissertations and MPhils in electronic form.

The IJC will only publish undergraduate dissertations that receive a first class mark, and it should be noted that these criminology papers are NOT peer reviewed, edited or assessed for their quality.

fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

A collection of PhD theses by UoP SCCJ students.

PhD level theses, including Prof Docs and MPhils, written by Portsmouth students, printed copies - 2013 and earlier.

Library and Archives Canada database.

• Trove 

National Library of Australia’s Trove database.


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