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Reliable sources of international statistics

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This archive contains analysis, research, debates and speeches from the Royal Institute of International Affairs from 1920-2008. Topics covered include the Spanish Civil War, the Cold War, energy security, nuclear disarmament, decolonisation etc. You can also listen to recordings of meetings and speeches as well as seeing the transcript in many cases.

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This resource collects sources from nine archives to give an incredible insight into the changes in China between 1793 and 1980, including the birth and early years of the People’s Republic. You will find a wide variety of primary source material detailing China’s interaction with the West from Macartney’s first Embassy to China in 1793, through to the Nixon/Heath visits to China in 1972-74. It provides multiple perspectives – from politicians, diplomats, missionaries, business people and tourists – and documents many key events.

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A brilliant source containing essays, maps, primary sources and an interactive chronology on the theme of Empire across the last 5 centuries

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U.S. Declassified Documents Online gives you a broad range of records spanning the 20th and 21st centuries. The collection brings together the most sensitive documents from all the presidential libraries and numerous executive agencies in a single, easily searchable database. You will find this useful for a range of topics including decolonisation and foreign policy across the world, as well as civil rights etc.

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