This page will help you get more out of your Library resources for your assignments, projects, dissertations, and theses in Criminology.

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Advanced Search Techniques using the Library's Discovery Service
Goes over how to use the Advanced Search feature in the Library's Discovery Service. It will discuss how to find keywords, Boolean operators, other search techniques, as well as accessing online resources.

Doing a Literature Search
This video covers the five steps of the literature search process. The video also covers some search techniques and recommends other videos for further viewing.

Effective Reading
When and how you should skim, scan, and read in depth. Useful techniques for research and weekly readings.

Introduction to Legal Databases 
Describes what legal databases are available from the library, where to access the legal databases, and how to use them. The video will also discuss why it's important to become familiar with and utilise all of the legal databases.

Library Introduction for SCCJ Distant Learners
This video will introduce the subject librarians, the key features of the library's website, and how to navigate to some of the library services.

Reading Lists 
Covers everything related to your reading list, including how to access lists via Moodle and the library website and what to do if you're using the VPN or not using the VPN.

Referencing Tips 
Referencing tips for students at any level. It will also show students where to go to find more help with referencing.

Finding and Identifying Books
Coverage includes whole print books, whole eBooks, and chapters or sections of edited books.

Finding and Identifying Command Papers
Coverage includes command papers, white papers, and green papers.

Finding and Identifying Conference Papers
Coverage includes conference papers.

Finding and Identifying Court of Justice of the European Union Judgements
Coverage includes the ECJ and GC.


Provide access to useful research materials from abstracts, academic journals, newspapers, e-books, and various multimedia.


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