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A leading think tank providing rigorous research and analysis, topical commentary and public events to explore the key challenges facing government. Their research focuses on the big governance challenges of the day and on finding new ways to help government improve and rethink.

A key UK organisation which seeks to address problems caused by poverty, poor housing/homelessness and an ageing society, plus a broad range of other social issues. Go to the headings e.g. People, Society, Work near the top of the site, then choose Filter Content to access a wide range of useful reports dating from 1994 onwards, plus relevant statistics.

Access legislation guides, briefings and case studies on local government policy topics

The world’s largest database for public policy, with more than 3.2 million reports, working papers, policy briefs and data sources from more than 24,000 international organisations, NGOs, think tanks, and research centres. Topics include education, health, housing, local government, international relations, business, industries etc. and all areas of the world are covered. Use options in Advanced Search if you want to search specific countries.

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This searches the websites of over 1,200 institutions across the world that generate public policy research, analysis and activity. These sites are affiliated with universities, governments, advocacy groups, foundations, and non-governmental organizations. This site also leads you to other sources for finding policy.

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Official statistics from the UK Government.


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