International Development

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• Journals Across a Range of Development Topics

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A very popular, peer-reviewed journal which encourages debate on the many aspects of democratization which are of interest to policy-makers, administrators, journalists, aid and development personnel, as well as those in education. The developing world and post-communist societies are of particular interest, but no area is excluded.

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Highly respected, peer-reviewed articles on Latin American history and culture.

A peer-reviewed journal which offers a multidisciplinary view of the forces that shape the Americas. Most issues focus on a single problem, nation, or region, providing an in-depth look from participants and scholars.

A peer-reviewed journal which focuses on the states, societies, economies, and international relations of the Americas.

A peer-reviewed journal covering Latin America, the Caribbean, inter-American relations and the Latin American Diaspora across Social Science and Humanities topics.

The most well-known, peer-reviewed journal on Latin America - it covers many aspects of Latin America as taught at Portsmouth.

An excellent source of peer-reviewed articles on Latin America. A distinctive feature of this journal is the large review essay section in each issue which compares and contrasts 5 or more books on specific topics (different each issue).



Reliable sources of international statistics

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