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For most assignments, our Discovery Service will give you enough sources to work with. This short video shows you how to get the best from Discovery.

Sometimes you may want to try specific databases or journals - perhaps your lecturer has recommended particular names as a good way of finding articles. This section lists key sources for Education.

• Education Journals

These are some top picks. Other journals are available via Discovery.

Citation databases can be very helpful for advanced research at Masters' level upwards as they help you move quickly from a known author or article to finding out which other articles list them in their bibliographies. This is especially useful when you have only found a small number of results in your initial searches.

• Scopus 

Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and conference proceedings; 44% of publications in Scopus are from Social Sciences and Humanities subject areas. It also features smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research.

Top tip: do a normal keyword search, then change Sort on: at the top right of your results from Date (newest) to Cited by (highest). This will show you which articles on a topic are cited most by other academic authors.

Short video on doing a basic search in Scopus

Watch a range of short videos about more advanced features of Scopus.

fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

Web of Science (WoS) is the world's leading citation database. You will probably find the Social Sciences Citation Index the most useful part of WoS - by clicking Editions All near the top of the search box, you can de-select other sections of Web of Science if you wish. You can then do a normal search via the Documents tab or a cited reference search by selecting that option in the search box. To understand what a cited reference search is, watch this video. To see a cited reference search example, watch this.

Watch these training videos

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