The Library purchases high-quality subscription online resources to support your assignments.  
Download the University VPN system to access these any time, anywhere!

New students, watch this introduction to the library and then try out the options below.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get started with your research as there are so many sources and so much you could read:

  • Check your reading lists in Moodle, these are the best starting points, and then explore our Library resources
  • Think about what you need to find, which keywords to use, and where you are going to search.
  • Try a trusted Library resource to suggest ideas, such as Credo Reference.

Check the planning your assessment section on our information literacy pages to learn more. 

Can I use AI?

Check the University's student guidance on the use of Generative AI, such as ChatGPT. 

  • Using AI in academic work is a new and fast-changing area.
  • Examples of usage that might be considered appropriate are planning an assignment, generating ideas for further investigation, or helping find additional search terms or keywords.
  • For more information, see our Library guide on Using Generative AI in coursework or research.

Be aware that sometimes the information generated in AI tools is not correct! Treat AI-generated content with as much caution as materials from Google or Wikipedia and ensure you use it appropriately.

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