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fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

From the Publisher: "The OECD Economic Outlook is the OECD's twice-yearly analysis of the major economic trends and prospects for the next two years. Prepared by the OECD Economics Department, the Outlook puts forward a consistent set of projections for output, employment, government spending, prices and current balances based on a review of each member country and of the induced effect on each of them on international developments."

fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

From the publisher: "OECD Economic Surveys are periodic reviews of member and non-member economies. Reviews of member and some non-member economies are on a two-year cycle; other selected non-member economies are also reviewed from time to time. Each Economic Survey provides a comprehensive analysis of economic developments, with chapters covering key economic challenges and policy recommendations addressing these challenges."

The UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics. Responsible for collecting and publishing statistics related to the economy, population and society at national, regional, and local levels.

In this free resource you can find the QoG standard dataset, which includes 2100 data variables from more than 100 data sources (use the Codebook, linked to on the website, to find out about the data sources and variables used).  There is also an Environmental Indicators Dataset, as well as others. 

Access to more than a million statistics from many different sources. Useful for finding industrial, economic and consumer market statistical trends.

Whilst the UK data sets cover such areas as employment, and family expenditure, the international data sets from major bodies such as the IMF, OECD and World Bank are well worth exploring - often giving information down to country level (previously ESDS).

Free access to detailed global trade data. UN Comtrade is a repository of official international trade statistics and relevant analytical tables.


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