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fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

A variety of reference works, including dictionaries, which tutors may well prefer to Wikipedia, and it even tells you how to set out a reference to what you find. Try out the 'Mind Map' feature to see how your keyword links to others - useful for essay planning and dissertation work.

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fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

Contains full text books in many subject areas.

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fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

Need reliable information about Africa, Asia, Latin America, Russia and Eastern Europe? Europa gives up-to-date, key facts and statistics for each country, plus very useful, background essays by country experts covering contemporary history, politics and economics. There are also background essays on international and regional organisations. The statistics are searchable and let you create comparative charts across countries.

Read authoritative, peer-reviewed, regularly updated entries written by experts on African History from across the world. Topics include African Diaspora, Afrocentrism, Oral Traditions, Women's History, Religious History, Slavery and Colonial History.

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fully searchable in EBSCO Discovery

World experts give you accurate, unbiased and up-to-date overviews of a wide range of topics across IR and development e.g. civil wars, cultural diplomacy, dependency, development theory, environmental activism, feminist security studies, food insecurity, foreign aid, foreign policy analysis, global political economy, international order, regional integration in Africa, state terrorism, sustainable development, UN peacekeeping. Each entry is designed to take 30 mins or less to read so have a look here when you have a new topic to research.

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Over 250 unlimited access in-depth guides to current and classic research across a range of subject areas. If you can't access something via this site, put the book title into our general Portsmouth catalogue as we have some titles via Ebook Central instead.

Topics of interest to ID students include development ethics, education and development, humanitarian action, soft power, African politics, postcolonial politics, Myanmar etc.

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