Reading list problems within Moodle

Posted: Thu, 23rd May 2024

! Please note: this page has been archived and is no longer maintained. Links may not work and any contact details may no longer be correct.

In common with many other universities, we are currently experiencing difficulties accessing reading lists from within Moodle.  We understand that this is being caused by web browsers blocking the third-party cookies (tiny pieces of monitoring/security-enabling code) that the reading lists need to work properly.  The supplier is working to fix the problem.

Recommended solutions

All the following solutions involve enabling third-party cookies from Talis, specifically the and domains.  You may also have other privacy tracking blocking tools installed in your browser that may hamper the connection between your learning system and Talis. You may need to set an exception in these extensions to allow Talis’ applications to work.

Use Google Chrome

Using the Google Chrome browser should enable you to access reading lists normally.  If you experience difficulties while using Chrome, clear your entire browser history, close and restart the browser, and try again.  If problems persist, please get in touch

Fix for Firefox

Enable third party cookies for your reading list pages, following the instructions from Mozilla, the provider of Firefox, detailed under the "Enable third-party cookies for specific sites" section of this help page (you will need to scroll down past several other sections to find it).

Fix for Safari (Mac)

Enable third party cookies for your reading list pages by following the instructions published here by Apple.

Fix for Safari (iPhone and iPad iOS)

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down and select Safari from the left navigation menu.
  3. Under Security & Privacy, disable both “Block All Cookies” and “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”.

Other browsers

If you are technologically savvy, you should be able to use the reading lists using any web browser by allowing third-party cookies from Talis - the supplier of our reading list platform.



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