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Stigant, Jack Micheal (2022) Preventing what?: a critical analysis of disproportionately within the U.K.'s implementation of the 'Prevent' counter-radicalisation policy. (unpublished BA dissertation), University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth


Within this dissertation I will explore whether the United Kingdoms counter radicalisation policy Prevent has been implemented in such a way that it has disproportionately targeted Muslim communities. This will be achieved through in depth analysis of the theoretical frame works that crafted terrorism studies and subsequently the Prevent strategy and examples of how the strategy has been implemented and the discourse surrounding this. Through this analysis I have concluded that the Prevent strategy has been implemented in such a way that it has disproportionately targeted Muslim communities leading to problematic implementation and heavy criticism. However, to avoid the same issues within the future of terrorism studies and the Prevent strategy a list of recommendations has been formed to promote more diverse practices and present insight on how to allow the prevent strategy to become more successful at tackling radicalization

Course: International Relations - BA (Hons)

Date Deposited: 2024-05-15

URI/permalink: https://www.library.port.ac.uk/dissert/dis14413.html