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Zilinskaite, Migle (2022) An analysis on rape as a silencing weapon: case studies on the comfort women and the genocides in Rwanda and Yugoslavia. (unpublished BA dissertation), University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth


Rape and sexual assault have been used in military situations for decades, but only recently has it been recognised as a strategic weapon by the international community. This dissertation investigates whether it can be considered a silent weapon during wartime and why to a certain extent the public and political world chose to be silent about it. This dissertation argues that its silencing effect magnifies its impact on the victims and affected community during and after the wars. Conducting three case studies, including, the Yugoslavia Genocide, Rwanda Genocide and the Comfort Women case, this dissertation shows why it is so important to talk about this issue and reveals areas in which support to the victims should be improved.

Course: International Relations with Languages - BA (Hons) - C1806

Date Deposited: 2024-05-15

URI/permalink: https://www.library.port.ac.uk/dissert/dis14410.html