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Caravello, Olivia (2023) Investigating the logistics and upfront carbon emissions in material production and construction phases, evaluating how these align with the Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). (unpublished MSc dissertation), University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth


This research project investigates the logistics and upfront carbon emissions in material production and construction phases as well as evaluating how these align with BREEAM. This has a great importance, as it will determine if BREEAM are reflecting a true representation of how they rate carbon emissions and the realistic impact of it.
The research conducted involved a combination of primary and secondary sources being utilised, which contained sources such as the literature review, interviews and questionnaires. The questionnaire was distributed to participants who are construction professionals and for the structured interviews, participants were of a construction and sustainability background who specialist in BREEAM. Therefore both qualitative and quantitate data has been collected and a mix of primary and secondary data to substantiate the research results.
The key findings from this research are that BREEAM does cover the embodied carbon output for materials, although there is certainly room for additional detail, therefore a more holistic approach to include the logistics in material production is recommended.
The conclusions drawn are that BREEAM is a scientifically developed sustainability criteria which is constantly evolving through the research undertaken to produce the BREEAM framework, with the carbon targets being heavily focused on the current day. BREEAM should concentrate on having the carbon output and embodied carbon in materials and material production as a heavily weighted credit for the future.

Course: Quantity Surveying - MSc - C2170

Date Deposited: 2023-11-07

URI/permalink: https://www.library.port.ac.uk/dissert/dis14272.html