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Naing, Kaung Pyae Sone (2022) Optimization of project timelines by improving supply chain management utilising 5D BIM Technology. (unpublished MSc dissertation), University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth


Purpose: The integration of Building information management (BIM) and construction supply chain management (CSCM) is highly recommended to accelerate the project execution processes including the workflow transitions and construction sequences. Moreover, the integration of BIM and CSCM also possesses the potential ability to solve the current fragmentations among the multi-disciplinary teams due to the collaborative natures of BIM.Additionally, the future of sustainability can be enhanced by the integration of BIM-based optimisation and CSCM since the key benefits of BIM include elimination of reworks and wastes, improved resource allocation and utilisation. This study demonstrates the processes to improve both the project programmes and supply chain management of a project by combining the concepts of BIM workflows, 5D BIM automated simulations and BIM-based supply chain collaboration.

Design/Methodology: The mixed methodology approach is provided to construct the entire study. The extensive examination and evaluation of the literature mainly provided the development of initial conceptual framework and questionnaires for data collection process. The data collection process is mainly aimed to validate the framework and to receive the key highlights of weaknesses and gaps of framework from industrial experts and professionals.

Findings: The results of this study not only provide the validity of the framework but also contribute how the practical advantages and challenges are resulted. Specifically, the findings pointed out how the integration of 5D BIM technology, construction supply chain management and BIM-based programme optimisation concepts can impact the practical project implementation and collaboration among multi-disciplinary stakeholders. In addition, the current gaps of AEC industry to adopt the proposed framework are also evaluated and analysed.

Course: Construction Project Management - MSc - C1659

Date Deposited: 2023-11-07

URI/permalink: https://www.library.port.ac.uk/dissert/dis14270.html