Academic reading

At university, assignments, projects and dissertations can often require a step up in the amount of reading that is required.  Textbook reading for a module, background reading for a subject, and perhaps keeping up with professional magazines (or ‘trade journals’) for more vocational courses.  What’s more the nature of the reading changes as you begin to look at topics in more detail and the topics themselves may be considerably harder to understand.

Given that time is limited, subjects may be difficult, and not everyone enjoys reading for pleasure, it’s worth learning a few skills that can help speed up the process or allow you to get more out of what time is available.  We’ve kept these pages short so as not to add to the reading burden!

Academic Reading gives some pointers on book material.

Academic Reading: Journal Articles is a short guide to reading journal articles and conference proceedings.

You might also want to have a look at How can I tell whether it’s an Academic Journal or Popular Magazine? in order to clarify in your mind the differences between an academic journal and a popular magazine.


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